Winter Moth

A native of Europe and Western Asia, the Winter Moth was introduced to North America via Nova Scotia, and in the past decade has exploded in population in coastal New England. Adult moths hatch from their cocoons in late November. The flightless females crawl up trees to lay their eggs; one female ...

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Worms, Worms, The Magical Fruit

Vermicomposting is a fantastic way to turn your kitchen scraps into incredibly nutrient rich soil for your houseplants and your garden. I recommend starting this process now, indoors, while we have a slight lull in our seasons and spring fever has yet to fully set in. A properly created worm bin ...

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Milkweed and Monarchs

Fort Williams Park provides us with endless opportunities to learn about our world. Both Cliffside and Lighthouse View are examples of environmental reclamation, with native plants flourishing and wildlife habitat being re-established. Alterations in habitat, however well-intentioned, result in ...

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