Fort Williams Park Trail MapIt is the mission of the Fort Williams Park Foundation to preserve and enhance the natural and historic resources of Fort Williams Park for future generations by providing funding support and stewardship for selected projects in the park.

The Foundation’s first major horticultural and ecological initiative, the Arboretum, is a work in progress. When you walk the Cliff Walk Trail, wander through the landscaped gardens at either end. These are the first two of multiple native and sustainable landscapes that will comprise the Arboretum at Fort Williams Park.

The work of the Fort Williams Park Foundation is paid for by private donations, and by grants from private foundations and the national government.

Click here to download the Fort Williams Park Master Plan (pdf)
Click here to download the Map of Arboretum Walking Paths at Fort Williams Park (pdf) – featured in the image above

For more Fort Williams Park Foundation resources go here.

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