Preserving the Natural Beauty and History of Fort Williams Park

Fort Williams Park—90 acres of rugged beauty on Casco Bay—is owned and operated by the Town of Cape Elizabeth. Here you can visit the iconic Portland Head Light and Museum, relish awe-inspiring ocean views, wander diverse natural environments, play on recreational sites, and discover ruins from a long maritime and military history. The Fort Williams Park Foundation provides the opportunity for you to support the park and keep admission free.

As you walk through the park, notice the vines climbing over shrubs, choking trees, blocking views and preventing access to historic remnants. The Foundation’s first major horticultural and ecological initiative, the Arboretum, is a work in progress. When you walk the Cliff Walk Trail, wander through the landscaped gardens at either end. These are the first two of multiple native and sustainable landscapes which will comprise the Arboretum at Fort Williams Park.

The goal of the Arboretum Project is to control invasive plant species and increase native biodiversity that is more sustainable and supportive of wildlife. When complete, the Arboretum will feature multiple landscapes that highlight the Park’s unique natural and historic features, demonstrating how to control invasive plants while showcasing the beauty and potential of native New England flora.


Children’s Garden Arboretum Project

Thank you to everyone who made the Children’s Garden a reality on the ground! 

L.P. Murray & Sons: Ryan Chapman, Tim Madore, Zach Nedwell, Nathan Murray, and Nathan Maxwell;

Linkel Construction: Andy MacMahon, Drew Dow, Lance Linkel, Levi Ready, Rick Smith, Tony Bois, Matt LaForge, and Chris Goyette;

Miranda Winter, Landscape Design;

Robin’s Nest, LLC: Mark Mancinni, Terri Paquette, Matt Spear, Terri & Chris Paquette, John, and Liv;

Richardson Monument: Kevin Lee, Andrew Richards, and Jay Richardson;

Three Stone Landscape: Peter Bloom, Joshua Edlund, Codte Tiparos, and Milo Bloom;

Watermatic Irrigation: Tawnya Hoyt, Roy Rice, Travis Card, Mike Dugal, Tom Dugal, and Scott Holmes;

DSO Creative Fabrications: Nathan Deyesso, Sam Peterson, and Ryan Kane;

Davey Tree: Kevin Bosworth.


And all the volunteer gardeners who added the finishing touches:

David Wend, Jessica Simpson, Jim Toulouse, Dick & Nancy Lemieux, Vivian & Glenn Findlay, Ann and Michael Caudle, Tom Atwell, Nina Miller, Nancy Rallis, Kathy & David Peary, Mary & Forrest Raimondo, and Christine Koch.

Last but not least, Cape Elizabeth Public Works, and Cape Elizabeth Fire & Rescue Chief, Peter Gleeson!



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