The Arboretum at Fort Williams Park

Cliffside, our premier site, offers incredible views of Casco Bay and would make an impressive setting for any news story or magazine article about the Arboretum at Fort Williams Park.

Lighthouse View offers a seasonally changing palette of colorful wildflowers, providing a lovely view as visitors approach the Portland Head Light.

The recently completed Children’s Garden offers unique water features and play areas, while the rich tapestry of trees, shrubs and wildflowers showcases the ornamental potential of native plants.


Introduce your audience to the wonderful landscape restoration work at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth.

The Fort Williams Park Foundation press room provides Arboretum Project background and the resources available for a feature on current and planned landscapes set against the stunning background of Portland Head Light and Casco Bay.

We are eager to share with your audience the ecological, recreational, and educational benefits of our work in this unique and cherished cultural landscape.

We have a large catalog of photography in high resolution available upon request.

For further information, please contact:

James McCain
Arboretum Director
Fort Williams Park Foundation


Download Fort Williams Park Foundation 2017 Media Release  

Download Fort Williams Park Foundation Brochure and Map


Fort Williams Park Foundation Logos. Vector files provided upon request.



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