Adopt-a-Plot volunteers needed

The Fort Williams Foundation depends on volunteers to help maintain the gardens in the Arboretum. And we would like you to join us.

We are holding a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 8, at the Cape Elizabeth Community Center, 345 Ocean House Road, to assign plots and begin getting organized for the coming season. So far, about 20 people have signed up to work on a plot this year – and we need dozens more.

People are free to drop by that meeting, if they want, or they can contact Tom Atwell, who is coordinating the Adopt-a-Plot program this year, at 207-450-2352 or at

While much of the attention of the arboretum project goes to opening new gardens – and work on the Cliff Walk Landscape will continue this year – it is important that the existing Children’s Garden, Lighthouse View and Cliffside be kept free of invasive plants and other weeds. And there is not enough paid staff to do that work.

So if you enjoy gardening, love the views and atmosphere at Fort Williams and want to contribute to improvements at the park you should join us and become an Adopt-a-Plotter.

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